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 How to take this course

Udemy has a course about 가계부 제작을 통한 프로그래밍 배우기.

In English, it means 'To learn the programming through the housekeeping book production'.

My lecture is provided in Korean language, and you can get the source code itself of the site.

You can download all of these in my lecture and can operate these also.

The lecture is a course for those who want to get out of the beginner level and to jump to the intermediate level.

Special discount !!

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Housekeeping book

Let's make the housekeeping book framing part of life.

How to use the housekeeping book program①

Now, I'll show you how to use this program.
Overall, the browser used in the lectures is "Google Chrome".
First of all, you access to this website.
In home page of this site, you can use the "Register" link to join us, and log in in the top menu, and click the "Housekeeping book" link.
Please put in your ID and Password and click the "Log in" button.

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